Competition ended!

Rules and Regulations

Competition Dates (CET):

Start date End date
2019-01-18 09:00 2019-01-19 18:00


Initial business value: 1000

Number of stocks per business: 100

Investor initial cash: 2500

Stock Exchange Orders are processed every 30 seconds

  1. About

  2. Playpark Xchange provides a virtual stock exchange system, supporting the growth of new and better business ideas.

    In order to achieve this goal, Playpark Xchange brings together entrepreneurs working on their business models and market investors eager to find ideas which can be successful in the real world.

    By simulating reality in this virtual competition, players are prone to a risk taking attitude which will lead to business model refinements validated by market data. In the end, entrepreneurs will have stronger business models and greater confidence in their business ideas.

    There is no real money involved.

  3. Actors

  4. Playpark Manager: This type of user is pre-existing and cannot be created. It is a single user who sets competition configuration: beginning and ending dates, refresh rate, number of stocks, investor’s initial wallet, etc. He is granted view access to competition data and has neither a business idea nor credits to invest.

    Playpark Entrepreneur: This user is registered in Playpark Xchange and owns or represents a business. He is responsible for entering all information related to the company and its business model. This user is able to perform as an investor who has credits to buy and sell companies stocks, after his registration there is an automatic buy order of 100% of his company which will be performed when a competition begins.

    Playpark Visitor: This user is not registered in Playpark Xchange, Playpark Visitor users are entitled to read public pages such as the help section and rankings.

    Playpark Jury: This user will be responsible for evaluating each business, provide market recommendations, and select the best businesses idea for the next round.

  5. Game Mechanics

  6. In Playpark Xchange, Playpark Entrepreneurs can insert and edit their business plan in order to potentiate stock exchange, they also receive credit upon registration to invest at their will in the stock market.

    In order to simulate reality, the opening and closing of the market is configured by the Playpark Manager, giving players a limited time per day to buy and sell stocks. Stock orders are processed every minute and processed as a queue ordered by price and placement date.

    Buy orders are matched with sell orders if the price is higher than the requested selling price, and the transaction is tagged with the buyer's price. The last price (or current price) relates to the last transaction's price for a business on each processing stage.

    Matching process

    Stock orders with the best possible prices (highest price for buy orders, lowest price for sell orders) always take precedence in the matching process over other orders with worse prices.

    Again, if the orders have the same price, the criterion used for establishing matching priority is the order timestamp.

    Stock orders can be partially matched

    If a buyer does not have enough money to buy the requested amount, but enough to buy a lower amount, or if matching orders have different amounts, stocks can still be transacted on the minimum amount.

    These transactions are shown in your portfolio as partially matched and new stock exchange orders are created for the remaining requested amount.

    Uncovered sell stock orders are ignored

    Playpark Xchange prevents you from placing sell orders with an invalid amount. However, users should avoid placing overlapping sell orders which sum up over the amount the user actually owns.

    If one of these offers gets transacted, the rest of the overlapping orders become invalid and are ignored until the user owns the full amount.

    All stock exchange orders are listed in the portfolio view and pending orders which haven't been met are displayed as well enabling the user to cancel these requests by removing them from the processing queue.

    The rankings view shows current standings for businesses and investors, which are evaluated by gain, and award by business idea.
    The information collected by Playpark Xchange will help to identify the business idea with the strongest valorisation and the investor with the strongest portfolio.

    Business gain relates to the variation of last price regarding initial price.
    Investor's gain is based on cash after collecting dividends.

  7. Invest in good business models

  8. It is advised to invest according to your belief in a company's business model.
    Playpark Jury will provide exchange recommendations on each business. By the end of the competition, our jury will evaluate and select a winner.

    While you can still buy and sell stocks based on market fluctuation you should have in mind that being shareholder on the right businesses can prove to be extremely valuable.

    Jury's evaluation and business dividends:

    Once the evaluation results are known they are taken into account for processing in Playpark Xchange.
    Stakeholders on approved businesses receive dividends of 5 times the initial stock value (50) for each owned stock.

    Playpark Investor rankings are then processed one last time for the final standings.

  9. Closing reference prices

  10. Investor's equity value is based on the price a company stocks have been traded at when the market closes.
    In other words, it does not reflet the immediate last price seen in the market list or business page as it is updated once per day.

  11. Awards

  12. - The winner of each section - 1 economic (value) and 1 social (idea) - will automatically be qualified for the finals in Stuttgart.
    - Based on the success of their RIS3 business idea on the Playpark Xchange tool, firms are chosen per reg. for 5-day work-visit at another Playpark to accelerate SME internationalisation and create new firms.