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FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

You make money buying stocks from a business at one value and sell it at a higher value.
Example: You buy 20 stocks at a value of 10 (so you spend 20*10 = 200) and then you put them on sale for a higher value, 11 for example. If someone buys your stocks they will pay 20*11=220, so initially you spend 200 and now you receive 220, and that’s a profit of 20 (220-200)!

There are two ranking systems:
'Rank by value' - This rank is controlled by the tool, and business are ranked by price variation and investors are ranked by Total Worth = Cash + Equity Value + Dividends Value. So Buy low and Sell high.
'Rank by Idea’ - This rank is manually inputted by the Manager of the tool; businesses will be awarded for their business idea.

The winner of each section - 1 ranked by value and 1 ranked by idea - will automatically be qualified for the finals in Stuttgart.
Based on the success of their RIS3 business idea on the Playpark Xchange tool, firms are chosen per reg. for a 5-day work-visit to another Playpark to accelerate SME internationalisation and create new firms.

A dividend is a distribution of a portion of a company's earnings, decided by the Board of Directors, to a class of its shareholders.
In the Playpark Xchange tool, the jury’s will evaluate each business and decide which ones will get dividends at the end of the competition.

Stock orders with the best possible prices (highest price for buy orders, lowest price for sell orders) always take precedence in the matching process over other orders with poorer prices.
Again, if the orders have the same price, the criterion used for establishing matching priority is the order timestamp.

If a buyer does not have enough money to buy the requested amount, but enough to buy a lower amount, or if matching orders have different amounts, stocks can still be transacted on the minimum amount.
These transactions are shown in your portfolio as partially matched and new stock exchange orders are created for the remaining requested amount.

After you register an account, there will be an automatic buy order of 100% of your company, like any other buy or sell order, this will be exchanged when a competition begins.

You don't need to sell all your company stocks, but you should try to sell most of them, or all, to the highest bidder. The higher your company stock value is, the higher it will rank in the ‘Rank by value’.

No you don’t, your company just needs a company name.
Although we recommend you to fill as many as you can, this way, the Manager can evaluate your business idea more effectively and you can be ranked by that idea. And, all the other users can know more about your business to the point that they want a share of it by buying your company stocks, which will rank your business value.
You can also share a video about your company our pitch idea, just make a video, upload it to Youtube and add your video link to the ‘Video Presentation or Pitch’ field.